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Top Notch Stalker Rifle Sling

Secure your rifle on your back while out shooting, whether you're stalking, crawling or climbing, the Top Notch Stalker Sling will keep your rifle secure. TopNotch Stalker Sling is also used as tactical rifle sling, known as quick to realese and perfect choise in urban situations. It easliy solves problems as climbing ladders with rifle on back- barrel is secured and pointed correctly up in carries spine.

Quick-adjustable non-slipping system. Pro-Stalker positions your firearm, in a stable and firm position on your back releasing both hands. Pro-Stalker - designed for the active hunter. Z-aim™ Pro-Stalker is a top quality product; made of UV and cold proof material in buckle and straps. All straps and endings are cross-sewn to reach maximum possible strength. No metal components are used, to avoid unnecessary noise.


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