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Ballistech your one-stop shop for all your firearm needs


Rifle Gunsmithing

Ballistech's in-house gunsmithing services cater to firearm enthusiasts seeking precision and performance. Our expert services include Barrel Threading, Crown Repair, Rifle Cleaning, Rifle Zeroing, and Accuracy Testing. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology and techniques, we ensure your firearms are in peak condition. Whether enhancing accuracy or conducting routine maintenance, trust Ballistech to deliver unparalleled expertise and care for your shooting needs.

Shotgun Gunsmithing

Ballistech offers specialized shotgun gunsmithing services tailored to enhance your shooting experience. Our expert services include Stock Adjustment, Gun Fitting, Shotgun Cleaning, Pattern Testing, and Buttpad Replacement. We ensure each shotgun fits its owner perfectly for optimal performance and comfort. Rely on Ballistech for meticulous care and precision adjustments, ensuring your shotgun is in prime condition for any shooting activity.

Firearm Safety and Competency Course.jpg

Firearm Safety and Competency Course

Ballistech's Safety and Competency Course is a crucial step for first-time firearm license applicants. Focused on foundational safety practices and responsible gun handling, this course equips beginners with the essential knowledge and skills required for safe firearm usage. Taught by seasoned experts, it covers legal aspects, handling techniques, and maintenance, ensuring participants meet the stringent criteria for obtaining their first firearms license. Prepare responsibly with Ballistech.

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