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Tier-One Tactical Carbon Bipod 230mm

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Machined to within 3 microns tolerance from a solid billet of aerospace aluminium on 5 axis CNC.

With the Tactical Bipod you’ll get:

  • Superior Accuracy and repeatability for that one shot that counts
  • Incredible toughness and durability
  • Functionality and reliability that will deliver for you time and time again – on a mountain hunt, in a precision rifle match, or in theatre.

“There are many, many different bipods on the market but I’ve never seen one as exquisitely designed and made as the Tier One Tactical Carbon Bipod!” – Graham Allen,


The Tactical Bipod is machined from solid billets of 7075T6 aluminium, an aerospace alloy offering an unrivalled strength to weight ratio.

Every part of the bipod is designed by us, extensively prototyped and machined in house. Nothing is sourced from Asia and repackaged, ever. This means that every stage of the bipod’s creation is quality controlled by us, right through to final assembly and shipping.

Mil Spec:

The carbon fibre and aluminium Tactical Bipod was developed in conjunction with active special forces units so we are confident that it has been tested against the toughest conditions imaginable and has passed with flying colours.

By developing the product for the toughest operating environments on Earth we have ensured that whether you’re trekking miles for your game, or operating in snow, desert or any other terrain, the Tier One Tactical Bipod won’t let you down.

Tier One Tactical Carbon Bipod 230mm

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