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Tetra Gun ProSmith 36" .30 Cal. Rifle Rod

Clean Barrels Quickly & Easily without Risk of Damage
Premium Rifle Rod
Made from stainless steel and DuPont TufCoat coated for maximum barrel protection.
Tetra Gun ProSmith Rifle Rods effectively clean all firearms and are available in 29" and 36" lengths for .17 (5/32"), .22 (3/16") and .30 (1/4") caliber barrels, and a 44" length for .22 and .30 caliber barrels.
Heat-treated stainless steel for maximum strength
DuPont TufCoat coated
Exclusive spinning Delrin handle
Screw-on Delrin bushing & brass collar center rod in barrel to prevent scraping
Fits standard accessories:
.17 Cal. : 5-40 thread
.22 - .30 Cal. : 8-32 thread

Tetra Gun Care ProSmith 36" .30 Cal Rifle Cleaning Rod

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