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Experience unrivaled precision with the Spartan Springbok Bipod. Featuring the revolutionary MagnaSwitch™ mechanism, effortlessly transition between positions—from prone to kneeling—eliminating the need for tedious adjustments and ensuring you never miss a shot. Engineered for demanding hunts, the Springbok delivers the agility and adaptability necessary for quick shooting modifications. Its Pro Legs offer seamless height adjustments, while its innovative construction, combining silicon, hard-anodized 7075 aluminum, and premium carbon fiber, results in a lightweight design at just 474g without compromising durability. With resilient tungsten carbide tips and synthetic boots, the Springbok maintains a secure grip on any terrain, while its silicon joint streamlines leg pitch adjustments. Customize it to your preferences with a wide range of Spartan Classic Adapters and modular leg options. Witness the next evolution in bipod design.


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