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Product Features:

  • RECHARGEABLE SHARPENER – This Smith’s Cordless Knife and Tool Sharpener has a powerful rechargeable lithium-ion battery.
  • FAST CHARGE – This product has a continuous runtime of 15 minutes unplugged and can be fully charged in under an hour.
  • SHARPENING GUIDE – Our product features a removable & adjustable knife sharpening guide to help you during use. With a rotating head, this sharpener can be used at any angle you need.
  • Multi-Grit BELTS– This kit includes 9 belts, 3 of each grit type; Coarse: 80 Grit, Medium: 240 Grit, and Fine: 600 Grit. These belts can sharpen most straight-edge knives and tools.
  • PORTABLE – Carry this sharpening tool wherever you go in its yellow and black embroidered canvas bag. It is perfect to store your Cordless Belt Sharpener or other tools of your choice.

SMITH'S Rechargeable Knife & Tool Sharpener

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