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The new HearShield SNR-33s dont just dull the decibels. They are scientifically designed to reduce unwanted noise across a wide range of frequencies with an industry-leading Single Number Rating (SNR) of 33.

The upshot: you can hear what you want to hear, without the noise you dont.

Protect your hearing without missing commands or conversation from the firing line. HearShield SNR-33s eliminate noise, and also eliminate the hassle of putting on and taking off your hearing protection, so you can stay focused and on target.

HearShield SNR-33s are fully adjustable and lightweight (just 45 grams/1.58 ounces), and wont interfere with your safety glasses or other eye protection shooting enthusiasts may wear. Theyre ideal for a variety of shooting styles and situations, including:

  • target practice
  • competitive shooting
  • trap and skeet shooting
  • sporting clays
  • anywhere else you want to enjoy the conversation but eliminate the noise


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