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The Oxford Wellies by Percussion are made from a triple layer of rubber making them wear resistant. They have a 4mm neoprene inner so are ideal for using in the colder weather. These wellies are great for dog walking and out and about in the country on those damp days. 

The Percussion Oxford Neoprene Wellies in more detail...


  • 4mm neoprene
  • Polar fleece lining for heat retention
  • Adjustable calf strap
  • Effortless removal  - extension bellows
  • Triple layer of rubber making them wear resistant
  • Proven water tightness to help keep you dry
  • Ergonomic shape for comfort
  • Piece of anti-wick fabric at the heel making them friction free
  • Soft and durable natural rubber for ultimate flexibility
  • Removeable and washable sockliner for easy care
  • Deep and wide threads and vibration free SPS system

Sole information:

  • Improved propulsion - the thread is strongly angled in the direction of travel 
  • Guaranteed grip - large area of contact with the ground
  • Optimum grip - tread and groove for a better grip in the direction of travel and on stony ground
  • Lateral support - multi-directional design of the central channel
  • Soil dispersion - tread bottoms without stops
  • Maximum comfort - anti-torsion arch support relieving fatigue at the arch of the foot
  • Comfortable cushioning - SPS system, vibration absorption at every step
  • Optimum longitudinal support - tread and groove for grip and braking
  • Reinforced anti-slip system - tread with tight or very pronounced notching in the direction of travel

Percussion Oxford Neoprene Wellington Boots 1768

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