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Infiray Finder FH35R V2

The Finder II FH35R V2 from InfiRay is an advanced thermal imaging camera with a 20mK sensor. This advanced monocular with additional rangefinder function captures all the fine details and offers accurate outdoor observations suitable for the modern hunter and professional outdoor users. A versatile device that quickly becomes an essential tool in the field.

The high-resolution 12μm sensor with 640×512 pixels and NETD ≤20mk, combined with a 1024×768 OLED display, provides outstanding image quality and clarity.

The dual-noise mode enables seamless switching between cool and warm image tones, improving the visual experience by offering clearer details and avoiding visual fatigue. The Finder II FH35R also features a built-in laser distance module with a range of up to 800m and ±1m accuracy for easy and accurate distance measurement.


With a long detection range of 1818 meters in total darkness and a 35 mm lens, combined with advanced thermal imaging hardware, the FH35R delivers exceptional performance. The replaceable Li-ion battery pack provides up to 6 hours of battery life and the ability to quickly change the battery for extended use. In addition, the device offers built-in 32 GB storage for photo and video recording with the option of wired or wireless file transfer. The Finder II series integrates seamlessly with the InfiRay Outdoor app and offers additional features as well as online community support and customer service.

Technical Specifications

  • Resolution: 640 x 512 pixels
  • Pixel pitch: 12 μm
  • Sensor NETD: 20 mK
  • Image refresh rate: 50 Hz
  • Objective lens: F35/0.9
  • Field of view (H x V): 12.6×10.1 degrees
  • Optical magnification: 2-8x
  • Digital zoom: 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x
  • Display type: OLED 1024×768
  • Battery type: Li-ion battery pack, replaceable
  • Max. battery life: 6 hours (t=25℃)
  • Laser rangefinder: Up to 800m, ±1m accuracy
  • Built-in memory: 32 GB
  • Detection range: Up to 1818 m
  • Dimensions: 160x90x50 mm
  • Weight: 400 g
  • Operating temperature: -20~+40 °C

Infiray Finder FH35R V2

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