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Bushnell Banner 2 Riflescopes with Dusk & Dawn Brightness now with the illuminated DOA QBR Glass Etched Reticle, with 6 on/off positions.  The DOA QBR reticle offers drop points out to 600 yards on most Centerfire Hunting Rifles.  Using the Bushnell Ballistic App, you can enter in your ballistics information on get custom drop positions for your specific application.  Banner 2 Riflescopes offers excellent low light performance and image quality with improved contrast and resolution.  Made from a 1-piece Aircraft Grade Aluminum Body to withstand the elements and years of abuse and is IPX7 waterproof rated.  

  • ILLUMINATED RETICLE WITH 6 ON/OFF SETTINGS Banner 2 now has an illuminated DOQ QBR glass-etched reticle for improved visibility of the reticle in low light or darker environments. The control also has an “off” position between each intensity setting so you don’t have to return to zero and lose your preferred intensity.
  • EXCELLENT LOW LIGHT PERFORMANCE AND IMAGE QUALITY Banner 2 has improved optical performance over the original Banner that boosts contrast and clarity along with the Dusk & Dawn low light performance that Banner fans love.
  • ENHANCED OPTICAL GLASS DESIGN FOR IMPROVED CONTRAST AND CLARITY An improved optical design with Multi-coated surfaces improves on the already great image quality that makes Banner the go to optic for your next hunt.
  • DOA QUICK BALLISTIC RETICLE FOR FAST, ACCURATE SHOTS WITH ANY CALIBER The DOA Quick Ballistic Reticle provides 5 drop points with 5 mph wind hold lines. The reticle can be used for any caliber that matches your typical hunting cartridges out to 500 yards. With the free Bushnell Ballistics App you can quickly determine your exact distances on the reticle making it easy to have confidence in every shot.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT, WATERPROOF SEALED, ONE PIECE AIRCRAFT GRADE ALUMINUM BODY Banner is built to withstand the elements and will stay in the hunt as long as you can. With a durable one-piece body that is IPX7 waterproof rated you can trust that the Banner will last year after year. 

Bushnell Banner 2 6-18x50 Scope Illum

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