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The noble way to present your hunting trophy.

The high-quality natural slate optimally highlights the trophy and gives it a timelessly elegant look. The trophy shields are thinner than conventional wooden horn boards, which makes the trophy stand out much better. The signs are handmade - with interesting light refraction on the textured surface as well as the natural broken edges - and they come with hole drillings for trophy / wall mounting. In addition, they are impregnated to protect against soiling and insensitive to fingerprints.

  • handmade from 400 million year old natural slate
  • dust-repellent coating
  • rough broken edges & noble surface structure - each plate is unique
  • suitable sizes for every trophy, in classic teardrop shape
  • incl. mounting material & instructions
  • Hole: 1
  • Dimensions: 41.5 x 24 cm

TROPHYSTONE Trophy slate, fallow deer

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