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Stainless steel sausage filler version 2.0 2.2kg

Professional sausage filler with which sausage can be produced quickly and easily. The threaded rod is made of aluminum, the two side supports are made of steel. Both materials that guarantee both stability and long-term use. The sausage filler can be attached to any surface through the integrated holes in the base plate. All connecting pieces (gears, etc.) are securely fixed, which ensures safe and hygienic use. A vent valve is integrated in the piston so that the air can escape during the filling process. The stainless steel container can be easily and effortlessly removed for filling or cleaning.

Capacity 2.2 kg
Including three plastic attachments with diameters of 17, 21 and 25 mm.

without attachment: 33.3x24.1x39.8 cm
with attachment: 47.2x24.1x39.8 cm

Stainless sausage filler version 2.0 2.2kg

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