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Recknagel Quick Detachable Ring Set for Picatinny Rail
(These rings are Weaver Spec so will actually fit both Weaver and Picatinny Rails)

Contents Supplied - 2x QD Rings & Lever Locking Wrench
Code Ref: 57530-....
Weight - 86 g
Material - Aluminium

These Aluminium QD Rings are precision made by Recknagel. Mounts will suit Picatinny Rail and Weaver Rail, they are clamped using a quick detachable screw lever. The lever can be positioned in the direction you want it to be. So once tightened, you can remove the lever using the supplied wrench and position it in a certain direction. The theory being that it will be a very similar tension each time you tighten the up the lever, which makes for a more repeatable mount.

The benefit of the Recknagel Quick Release Lever mounts is that there is no need for wrenches, easy to use and fast to attach or detach in the field.

The ring cap is secured with four Allen or Hex screws for a very secure hold, this is 2.5mm size fitting. This 2.5mm Allen wrench is not included but is widely available.

Recknagel QD Rings for Picatinny - 30mm(MEDIUM)

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