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A 150mm Handheld LED Lamp which is lightweight has strong power and is durable with an ergonomic design to fit securely in your hand.

Ideal for Farmers, Hunters, Home Security, Fishermen etc !

It’s not all about the lumens! These lights generally feature single LEDs and large reflectors to achieve high Peak Beam Intensity or candela.

These torches all have focused beams designed for lighting up objects over a hundred meters away.

The lamp has a long-life LED bulb which produces a super bright, long distance 1200 Lumen Beam out to 500 meters.

The high-performance built-in rechargeable battery gives you up to 2.5 hours of light when needed.

The LED lamp is supplied with a Mains Charger, and car charger.

Powerful CREE 15W LED Handheld Spotlight

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