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Quickly and easily fine-tune the beam positioning of mounted hunting lights & IR illuminators with the new QMD multi-directional rail mount from Night Master.

This cutting-edge mount allows for seamless attachment to a picatinny/weaver rail via the side screw, and its ambidextrous design enables operation with equal ease using either hand. The QMD package includes two inserts, catering to flashlight bodies of 25.4mm (1-inch) and 30mm in diameter respectively.

The rapid-detach mounting system has gained significant popularity due to its compatibility with the Night Master NM1 and Trident hunting lights & infrared illuminators, commonly used in conjunction with Pulsar, HIK Micro and Yukon night vision devices.

Crafted from premium-grade aluminum, the QMD boasts exceptional quality and durability, all while maintaining a remarkably compact and lightweight design, weighing just 79g.

Using it couldn’t be simpler

Properly attach the appropriate insert onto the body tube of your hunting light or IR illuminator. Unscrew the large screw and open the mount, subsequently positioning the flashlight within the mount. Secure the light into place by firmly tightening the large knurled screw.

For beam adjustment while the light is mounted, simply loosen the prominent top screw, reposition the light to align the beam according to your preference, and then proceed to retighten the screw. This process is straightforward and user-friendly.

Night Master QMD Quick Multi Directional Hunting Light Rail Mount

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