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Kwik Klip Magazine Conversion Kit, Remington 700 Short Action

  • Instantly turns your Remington Model 700 into a clip gun for fast and efficient reloading in the woods. Kit comes with a four-round steel box magazine and a precision-cast aluminum trigger guard – both are finished and fit like factory components. Center-Bore feeding system for smooth chambering. Installs quickly in 700 BDL, 700 Classic and 725 rifles. Minor in letting required for 700 ADL or 721.

    Kwik Klip is the most important accessory for your bolt action rifle. With a Kwik Klip unit installed your rifle will be easy to load and jams will be a thing of the past. With its superb fit and finish, reliability, and excellent design you’ll wonder why a Kwik Klip didn’t come pre-installed with your rifle.

    Replace your inferior factory-installed round-delivery system today.


    • Maintains classic appearance
    • Superb fit and finish
    • Convenient
    • Easy to install
    • Patented one-touch operation
    • Jam proof Centre bore feeding
    • Provides added safety when loading and unloading
    • Makes magazine loading quick and easy

Kwik Klip Magazine Conversion Remington .243/308/6.5 creed

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