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Softens Recoil and Prevents Cheek Bruising

Peel and stick to any cheekpiece and put an end to feeling beat up and sore the day after shooting. Genuine, Sorbothane®, recoil absorbing rubber is pre-cut with an adhesive back to fit quickly on hard-kicking shotguns or rifles. Two thicknesses allow fast comb height adjustments.

Tips from the Trade:
We recommend the 1/16" Thickness as this will prevent bruising but make very little difference to the stock dimensions.

Material: Sorbothane rubber
Height: 6" (150mm)
Width: 5" (120mm)
Thickness: 1/6" (1.6mm) / 1/8" (3.1mm) 
Colour: Black

Kick-Eez Cheek-EEZ Cheek Protector

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