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K-80 Balance System

The Barrel Weights are positioned under the forearm so are invisible in use. Each pair of weights are 40 g. The weights are 52mm in length, so 3 weights are 156mm and a total of three pairs can be fitted under the forearm, adding a total of 120 g.
This Krieghoff Barrel Weight is for 12b Barrels.
There are no Barrel Weights available for 20b Barrels unfortunately.

Also available for the K-80 Balance System are the K-80 Stock Weights, combining both systems provides maximum flexibility in handling configuration.

Contents Supplied
1 x Krieghoff K-80 12b Barrel Weight
1 x Fitting Wrench
2 x Screw Set (1 for Floating Barrels / 1 for Parcours Barrels)

Only One Pair of weights Supplied. You can fit a total of 3 pairs per K-80 underneath the forearm.

The barrel weights are recommended by Krieghoff to be fitted underneath the forearm. Fitting them in any other place on the barrel is not recommended and is not covered by Krieghoff warranty.

K-80 Barrel Weight Balance System

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