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The Jones Original Pad Adjuster

Quick and Easy Stock Adjustments To Match Any Shooting Style

Give greater versatility to your shotgun or rifle with up to 1" vertical drop, 22° left or right tilt, and 5/16" horizontal offset of the recoil pad or butt position. Ultra-thin, multi-position stock plates add only 1/4", yet provide fast, easy, vertical, horizontal, and diagonal adjustments of pad position to match changes in shooting style, clothing, or shooting conditions.

Machined steel thread inserts give fast recoil pad changes. Completely pre-drilled, threaded, and made from easy-to-grind aluminium. The weight of the unit is 125g without fitting. As these a fitted by grinding them to the same size as your stock, material is taken away and this reduces the weight.

We recommend that you install the Jones Pad Adjuster with one of our Kick-Eez pads. Mounting hardware is included.

Material: Machined 6061T aluminum,
Finish: Black-anodized finish.
Length: 5.75" (146mm) long,
Width: 2" (50mm) wide,
Thickness: 0.25" (6.3mm) thick.

Vertical drop: 1"
Tilt (Left and Right): 22°
Horizontal Offset: 5/16"

Fits recoil pads with 3-1/8" c-to-c hole spacing

Includes hardware and instructions.

We fit Jones Original Pad Adjusters
We can arrange for the Jones Original Pad Adjuster to be fitted to your stock by our fully trained and experienced gunmaker.
Contact us for further details on 01978 66 00 01.

Recoil Pad Not Included with this Product

Jones Original Pad Adjuster

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