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Infiray AP13 Thermal Handheld

The AP13 Affo is a cutting edge infrared thermal imaging monocular. Designed for use in either night or day across all seasons. The AP13 produces a clear field of view and retains high levels of contrast and vivid colours without compromising frame rates.


  • Over 600m detection range
  • 720 x 540 LCOS display
  • WiFi Compatible
  • 32GB Internal memory
  • Clear field of view in day or night

InfiRay AP13 AFFO adopts a self-developed 12μm sensor@ 256×192 resolution and ensures high-quality thermal imaging, 13mm objective lens produce a great field of view. The device supports photo taking and video recording functions, has a built-in high-speed 32GB storage capacity.

Infiray AP13 Thermal Handheld

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