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The easy way to improve your shooting

The Fenris is a great value, fully adjustable stock with a super-strong body made with reinforced fiberglass. Whatever you’re aiming at, Fenris is versatile enough to handle it. The stealth grey color blends with the black details and makes the stock as esthetic as functional when merging into the surroundings.

Designed to work with all body types and clothing, it provides the accuracy and confidence to hit your target. This heavy-hitter knocks out standard stocks with its gritty compositions and ergonomics. The honeycomb grip stands out in appearance and performance with a superior look and non-slip, vibration-dampening design. 

  • Low-maintenance synthetic materials
  • Adjustable LOP and cheekpiece for faster and more accurate shots
  • Ergonomic honeycomb grip for better recoil absorption
  • Bedding is installed as a standard to prevent flexing and reduce movement
  • Adapted to fit a height-adjustable recoil pad to be added for prone shooting


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