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GRS Berserk Adjustable Composite Stock for Howa 1500 Short Action

Rugged, reliable, and weatherproof!

GRS Have answered the calls from many of their customers wanting a fully adjustable stock which is similar to the existing Laminated series, whilst adding the durability and practicality of a Composite construction. The outcome of this development has borne the new BERSERK model which has some great features and above all at a very attractive price!

The Berserk stock has all the adjustability you need for cheek piece and length of pull. The rubberized ergonomic grip and fore-end connect you with your rifle in a way you have never felt before. 100% control. This makes you able to get in the crosshairs faster and take quick, accurate shots.


  • Material is a 25% fiberglass reinforced Dupont Zytel. Very tough material.
  • The composite stock is made in one size, black colour and in right hand configuration only.
  • Grip and forend is 5% slimmer than the Sporter varmint.
  • LOP 33,5- 36,5cm. This size and LOP is the ideal based on the feedback we get from end users.
  • The surface under the rear stock has been lengthened so it works better with the use of rear bags during prone shooting with bipods.
  • The grip and fore end has rubber grip surfaces for better friction in wet conditions.
  • Updated adjustment system.
  • Stocks will pillar bedding in them as a standard.
  • Supplied with flush cup sling mounts and push button sling loops.
  • Supplied with Butler creek sling mount in front in addition for mounting bipods.
  • Approx weight of 1.15kg
  • Height adjustable recoilpad can be mounted as well (optional extra!)

Howa 1500 Short Action Calibers – .22-250, .223 Remington, .204 Ruger, 6.5×55mm, .308 Winchester. .30-06, 6.5mm Creedmore

What’s in the box?  Stock, QD Sling Swivels,  Picatinny Rail, Owners Manual, and GRS Decals

GRS Berserk Adjustable Composite Stock for Howa 1500 Short Action

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