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The Gerber Vital Zip is a practical cutting hook with interchangeable blade. This unusual design will be more practical than you might assume. It could, of course, be used for hunting purposes to open game without hitting the intestines. However, it could also be used by aid workers who want to use the Gerber Vital Zip to quickly cut open clothing or seatbelts, making the Zip an essential part of their equipment.

To make sure you will be carrying a razor-sharp knife no matter where you are the cutting edge can easily be replaced. With a simple Philips head screw you can easily remove the blade. The zip comes with four additional blades. Good to know: you can purchase these blades in almost any hardware store as it is a standard size.

The handle is made from solid plastic enhanced with rubber parts. As a result you will always have enough grip, even when you have wet or bloody hands. The large hole in the handle can easily be used as a finger hole for your index finger. Incredibly practical for the pulling movement you make with a knife like this.

The Gerber Vital Zip comes with a nylon belt sheath. In it you can store the Zip in multiple ways to make sure both left and right-handed users can easily use it. At the back of the sheath you will find a compartment you can use to store additional knives.

Gerber Vital Zip 31-002745 cutting hook with interchangeable knives

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