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Introducing our Flocked Pigeon Full Body Decoys – the epitome of realism and versatility for discerning hunters. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, these decoys are designed to elevate your pigeon hunting experience to new heights.


 Our full body pigeon decoys are a masterpiece of lifelike detail and coloring. Crafted from tough resin, these decoys boast a level of realism that is second to none. The intricate design captures the essence of pigeons with precision, providing you with the ultimate tool for a successful hunt.


 Experience the authenticity of a full life-size decoy in the field. Measuring 30cm from beak to tail, these decoys mirror the natural size of pigeons, ensuring that your decoy spread is as convincing as possible. The full life-size design adds an extra layer of realism that can make all the difference in attracting birds from afar.


 Enhance your decoy spread with the multi-positional feature of our decoys. Choose between feeding, upright, and sentry positions to create a dynamic and realistic setting. This versatility not only attracts birds from a distance but also adds authenticity to your decoy spread, making it more enticing for your target.


 Built to withstand the rigors of the field, our decoys are constructed from tough resin. This durable material ensures longevity, allowing you to rely on these decoys season after season. Hunt with confidence, knowing that your decoys are up to the challenge.

 Each decoy comes with a stake for secure fixing into soft ground. The stake can be stored sideways inside the bird, and the feet can be used as an alternative if required. The stake is designed to allow subtle movement, imitating a gentle pecking motion in the wind, adding an extra layer of realism to your decoy spread.


Select the desired quantity from the dropdown menu to suit your hunting needs. Whether you’re a seasoned hunter or just starting, our Flocked Pigeon Full Body Decoys offer a versatile and realistic solution for a successful pigeon hunt.


Flocked Pigeon Full Body Decoy

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