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FIX IT STICKS Cleaning Rod Kit (Handle, Rods, Obstruction Tips, Case) & 6.5 Adapters and Obstruction Tip Add-On Gun Maintenance Kit

Style: Cleaning Rod Kit (SRK)








  • COMPACT CLEANING ROD/BORE OBSTRUCTION KIT - It features precision machined stainless steel rods and interchangeable brass adapters (for both .22 and .30) to protect the gun bore
  • DOUBLE BALL BEARING ADAPTER (CLEANING ROD KIT) - Double ball bearing adapter ensures a smooth operation; cleaning rod kit assembles up to 44 inches
  • CLEANING ROD KIT INCLUDES - 6 precision machined stainless steel rods (8-32 thread); 6 .22 caliber brass bore adapters; 6 .30 caliber brass bore adapters; .22 caliber obstruction tip; .30 caliber obstruction tip; double ball bearing drive adapter carrying case
  • 6.5MM CREEDMOOR ADAPTER SET - Expand the functionality of your Fix It Sticks cleaning rods with durable 6.5mm Creedmoor adapters
  • 6.5MM CREEDMOOR ADAPTER SET INCLUDES - This functional kit includes six 8-32 threaded brass adapters and 1 brass obstruction tip

Fix & Sticks bore obstruction / cleaning rod

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