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Contessa Lightweight Picatinny Rings for 34mm Scopes
Height options are 8mm BH

Ring Diameter: - 34mm
Height (BH) Options:
- 8mm BH - LPR03/A
Ring Width: - 20mm
Weight: - 46 g each
Material: - High Grade Aluminium
Code Ref: LPR03/A

Contents Supplied:
- 2 x Anodised Aluminium Rings,
- 1 x Wrench,

PLEASE NOTE: - These rings fit Picatinny Rail only, NOT Weaver.

These Lightweight Picatinny Rings are precision made by Contessa Alessandro & C. s.n.c. The latest addition to the Contessa picatinny ring range, they offer a lighter alternative to the Contessa Steel Rings, weighing considerably less than the steel alternative.

These parts are precision made to fit onto picatinny rail systems with the supplied wrench. Each ring cap is tightened with 4x torx screws, which offer a very firm and reliable fixture. The ring is attached to the picatinny rail with two Torx 20 bolts, and a double recoil stop which drop into the picatinny rail slots. These rings aren't going anywhere!

Contessa Lightweight Alu Picatinny Rings - 34mm (8mm BH)

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