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Contessa Leather Comb Raiser
Available in 20mm or 28mm Options
This leather comb raiser, with suede lining, is a great accessory to fit to any rifle or shotgun to raise the height of the comb and provide a comfortable cheek piece. The comb raiser is made from leather and features a zip for quick and secure fitting to the stock. The elasticated webbing on the lower section means it will fit a wide range of stock sizes.

Featuring the Contessa logo on the side, with contrast stitching running throughout the green leather comb raiser. The different heights available mean you have the option to fine tune your position for the best possible comfort.

This is simple to fit to your stock. Simply unzip the comb raiser, slide it over your stock and align the comb piece over your existing comb. You can now fold the lower section of the comb raiser around the bottom of the stock until the two zip halves meet up, then it's just a matter of fastening up the zip. If your stock is large, you will have to stretch the elasticated webbing until you're able to fasten the zip.

Contessa Leather Comb Raiser

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