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ATA SP Pro 12 Competition Adjustable


The future of shooting has arrived. Dominating shooting at all levels with unmatched features and unparalleled performance, it’s no surprise that the ATA SP Pro 12 Competition has won “Shotgun of the Year” at The Great British Shooting Awards 2024.


Crafted with precision and expertise, the Pro 12 boasts a grade 2.5 walnut stock that exudes elegance and sophistication, making it a true masterpiece in design. This new offering from ATA employs a superior ergonomic construction with a custom palm swell that provides shooters with the utmost comfort and control, this, combined with the perfectly sculpted stock ensures consistent mounting shot after shot.


Main Features

  • Grade 2.5 walnut stock
  • Detachable trigger unit
  • 10mm to 8mm tapered rib
  • Reduces recoil by 26.7% created by the elongated forcing cones designed by Teague Precision
  • Chrome lined barrels
  • Pachmayr butt pad
  • 5 interchangeable chokes – F, IM, M, IC, SK


Created to fulfill the needs of modern competition shooting, it includes the latest technologies and a design informed by expert shooters and industry leading professionals. This innovation is strikingly obvious, equipped with chrome-lined barrels, the Pro 12 features elongated forcing cones which have been collaboratively created with the world-renowned Teague Precision in order to establish an impressive 26.7% recoil reduction. This reduction not only helps increase the smoothness of the second shot by reducing muzzle flip, it means an increase in accuracy and, combined with a Pachmayr recoil pad, creates a durable and comfortable movement on the second shot.


Catering for all disciplines and harnessing the gun's shooting potential are a 10mm to 8mm tapered rib, helping target acquisition, and a custom side rib, built to bolster the addition of barrel weights which can be purchased if required, which can be easily adjusted to suit individual needs and compliment your technique. Additionally, the gun comes complete with 5 extended, interchangeable chokes which are developed to evenly distribute the shot to achieve maximum consistency when it comes to shot pattern.


The meticulous composition of the Pro 12 helps the shooter remove margins of error commonly seen within shooting. Featuring key elements such as the push button adjustable trigger, the gun provides the flexibility to quickly customise their trigger pull to suit their preferences, as well as a detachable trigger unit which is designed to give shooters an all-important layer of security in any competition environment.


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