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An Garda Síochána
Crime Prevention Information Sheet
Firearms Safety/Security.
(Promoting Safe Use, Carriage and Storage).
This information sheet is intended for holders of a
firearms licence as well as those applying for or
renewing a firearms certificate.
1. There are considerable obligations on firearms
license holders to ensure that firearms are stored
safely and securely, both in the home and whilst
travelling to a shoot or to a hunt.
2. That possession and carriage of any firearm
including a short firearm /ammunition concealed
on the person in public is not permitted at any
time, save in circumstances where such possession and carriage on the person is necessary for a
lawful purpose.
3. In the case of self loading (semi automatic)
pistols and revolvers consideration may be given
to a requirement to dismantle each gun when not
at the range with some necessary parts held at the
4. During transport, firearms must always be stored
in a case/sleeve, out of sight in a locked vehicle
boot. They should not be immediately accessible
to the driver or any passenger.
5. No gun should be loaded with ammunition while
travelling to or from a shoot.
6. Where possible, rifle bolts and shotgun fore ends,
pistol top slides and magazines should be
removed and kept separately.
7. A firearm should never be left inside the seating
area of a vehicle: whether occupied or
8. If it is necessary to stop and leave the vehicle,
reasonable steps should be taken to ensure the
safety of the firearm in question. It is a good idea
to also place in the boot anything which might
indicate that a firearm may be in the vehicle e.g.
hunting clothing, stalking stick, hunting knife,
binoculars, decoys, hunting hat etc.
The following which is taken from Statutory Instrument
307/2009 is the schedule for Secure Storage of firearms:
1. A shotgun shall be disassembled and each
part shall be stored securely and separately
when not in use. The trigger housing shall
be secured against use with an appropriate
trigger lock.
2. One restricted firearm, or three or fewer nonrestricted firearms: The firearm(s) should be
stored in a gun safe which complies with BS
7558 and which shall be securely fixed to a
solid structure.
3. Two restricted firearms, or more than three
non-restricted firearms: Each firearm shall
be stored in a gun safe which meets BS 7558
and which shall be securely fixed to a solid
structure. The place in which the firearms
are stored shall have an alarm fitted and the
external doors to the place shall be fitted
with locks which comply with BS 3621.
4. Three or more restricted firearms or six or
more firearms, of any type, kept in the same
place: In addition to the standards specified
at reference number 3, the place in which the
firearms are stored shall have an intruder
alarm system, installed and maintained by
installers licensed by the Private Security
Authority, which complies with I.S. EN
50131 or an equivalent standard approved by
the Commissioner of the Garda Siochana.
The alarm shall be connected to a monitoring
service, operated by a person licensed by the
Private Security Authority, and supported
with GSM Mobile telephone service back up
signalling facilities.

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