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Leica Rangemaster CRF 1000-R 8×24 Laser Rangefinder images (18)images (19)download (17)

The Rangemaster CRF 1000-R 8×24 Laser Rangefinder from Leica is a handheld distance measurement tool useful for archers and rifle shooters. Leica outfitted this Rangemaster series rangefinder with a user-friendly single-button interface and phase-corrected prisms. This combination of features equips the 1000-R to deliver the optical performance and functionality needed to quickly range your target and help place your arrow or bullet on the bulls eye.

This model from Leica’s Rangemaster series is capable of measuring targets up to 1000 yards away, and it features a built-in inclinometer that allows the 1000-R to calculate the equivalent horizontal distance by accounting for the angle of the target relative to the shooter. Equivalent Horizontal Range mode and the rangefinder’s integrated ballistics program make the 1000-R ideal for shooters on uneven terrain. Range and angle measurements, as well as a square aiming reticle are overlaid onto the field of view by a red LED display. The LED automatically adjusts its brightness depending on the ambient light, resulting in optimal display contrast even in dynamic lighting.

In addition to its multi-purpose functionality, the 1000-R has a water-sealed construction that allows it to perform in the rain and even be submerged to a depth of three feet. A cast metal chassis, along with a compact footprint and lightweight composite housing make the 1000-R durable, but it won’t weight you down on those uphill pursuits or long treks into the hunting ground.

Rangefinder Features                                                                                                                   
  • 1000 yd maximum measurement distance
  • Eye-safe Class 1 laser
  • Scan mode for continuous measurement
  • Equivalent Horizontal Range combines angle and range measurements
  • Displays measurements in yards or meters
  • Aiming reticle
Optical Performance
  • 7x magnification, 24mm objective
  • Roof prisms with P40 phase-corrective coating
  • 6.6° angle of view
  • 15mm eye relief
  • ±3 diopter adjustment range


Use and Handling
  • Single-button operation of rangefinder and system menus
  • LED display overlays range and square aiming reticle
  • Auto-adjusting display brightness
  • Fold-down rubber eyecup

Price: €650

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 Leica Rangemaster CRF 1600-Bimages (14)images (19)download (4)

The Rangemaster 1600-B from Leica combines the world-class optics that Leica is known for with a technologically-advanced laser rangefinder. This optical instrument redefines the toolkit of exacting and ethical hunters. The eye safe laser accurately measures distance from 10 to 1600 yards (9.1 to 1500 m) and integrated thermometer/barometer sensors contribute ballistic data for precise and humane shot placement. Regardless of the target, whether shooting uphill or down, in daylight or low light, the Rangemaster has you covered.

The integrated Intelligent ABC Ballistics Program truly distinguishes the Rangemaster 1600-B from other consumer-level rangefinders. The onboard ballistics correction program features three modes of operation; (1) the value displayed shows required elevation deviation from point blank range in centimeters or inches, (2) the point-of-impact value displayed in MOA or MIL click adjustments, (3) range value displayed, automatically taking into account the angle of declination, temperature, and barometric pressure.

Leica’s AquaDura hydrophobic lens coating maintains bright and clear images in wind, rain, humidity, and morning dew from adhering to the lens surface. Moisture and contaminants simply bead up or roll off the lens, preserving your view during harsh weather conditions and allowing for easier cleaning of the objective and ocular lens. The intuitive design and rugged construction of the Rangemaster delivers a satisfying user-experience and ensures that this optical device is up to all the outdoor applications you can handle; use it in the field, at the range, on the water, or even on the trail.

High Performance Optics
Leica’s optics transmit bright and detailed sighting of targets, even at long distances. The 6.6 degree angle of view makes target identification fast and easy. Lens surfaces are protected by AquaDura hydrophobic coating, which cause moisture and contaminants to bead up or roll off the lens, preserving your view during harsh weather conditions and allowing for easier cleaning of the objective and ocular lens.
Intelligent Ballistics Program
Never before have non-military personnel been able to calculate and apply the important ballistic data so easily and so quickly. In the calculation of the ballistic curve, the newly developed ballistic program integrates data for the angle of declination, temperature and barometric pressure.

Price: €775

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Nikon LRF Aculon AL11 download (17)download (11)download (15)

The ACULON AL11 is extremely compact and easily fits in a pocket. Though small in size, it is reliable and easy to use. Equipped with Nikon’s distant target priority software, it displays the farthest target among multiple results with a single measurement. It allows for instant and accurate measurement of distances up to 500 metres/550 yards in 1 metre/yard increments. High quality 6x magnification and multilayer-coated glass ensure a clear and bright view. Weighing just 125 grams, it is a barely noticeable addition to your equipment.

Extremely lightweight, compact and ergonomic

Measurement range: 5-500 m (6-550 yd.)

Distant Target Priority Mode displays the range to the farthest target among multiple results obtained with a single measurement – useful in wooded areas

Single or continuous measurement (up to 20 seconds)

Distance display in increments of 1 m/yd

High quality 6x monocular with multilayer coating for bright, clear images

Long eye relief design offers easy viewing for users who wear eyeglasses


Price: €210

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