Graff is a leading Polish manufacturer of clothing intended for hunters, anglers and all who spend every spare moment in the bosom of nature. Their collection  is intended for enthusiasts of active recreation and people who commune with nature on a daily basis.

Their collection is a full range of clothing from thermal underwear, t-shirts and sweaters, Hunting jackets and trousers  both outdoor and casual. At Ballistech we love what we do and are active in sport shooting and hunting in Ireland .

Here are a few of our top sellers.

Fleece Jacket


Description:  Colour: Olive. Bratex membrane. Exclusive lining.
Windproof and rainproof. Elegant hunting cut.  Tasteful trimmings
made of contrast fabric.
Fabric: 100% waterproof / breathable and silent 

ColourO - Oliv


Price: €92.60

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Hunting jacket


659-B-L_mDescription: BRATEX® thanks to a special structure belongs to a group of vapour permeability  and  breathable  fabrics   such  as  GORETEX,  SYMPATEX, HYDROTEX. BRATEX it is an outer laminated fabric with a vapour permeable membrane (translucent or transparent). BRATEX is characterized by high wind- and water- repellent qualities, it also allows body moisture to escape easily.
This fabric has exceptional parameters of water resistance (from 3000 to 10 000 mm H2O) and vapour permeability (up to 10 000 g/m2/24h). BRATEX® owes these features to a special membrane with microporous structure which has approximately 1,4 billion pores per 1 square centimeter and each of them is smaller than a drop of water. However, it is much bigger than a vapour molecule. Water is not allowed to penetrate through the membrane, whereas sweat in the form of water-vapour easily gets out through the pores. BRATEX® gives comfort of dry microclimate for the skin.
Sweat which is produced during physical activities is almost immediately drained away, therefore the skin can breathe in the natural way and there is no unpleasant moisture feeling inside the clothes. That is why clothes made of BRATEX get their users feel dry, comfortable and safe even in the hardest weather conditions.
Code: 659-B-OL

Price: €128.00

Hunting trousers


759-B-L_m (1)Code: 759-B-OL



O - Oliv

Sizes: S-170/176 M-L-XL-XXL-XXXL 176 /182 & 182/188

Code: 759-B-Ol

Price: €98.00

Available in three colours . Three sets are the same price (codes 659-B-K code 759-B-K) (codes 759-B-L-2 code 659-B-L-2)

Graff Hunting Sets


Hunting set – FOREST PATTERN 659-B-L/759-B-L1432809167_kafelek_659_bl

FOREST PATTERN Set designed for people who appreciate the freedom of movement in the outdoors. Thanks to the BRATEX membrane (5000mm H2O/5000g/m2/24h) this set provides excellent sweat drainage in the form of vapor to the outside of clothing, protecting against wind and rain at the same time. The set has taped seams, system of pleats ensuring the easiness of movement and strengthen parts exposed to abrasion.

Hunting Jacket 659-B-L

Colour: Forest Pattern.
Glued seams. Sleeve pocket.
Special pleats in shoulders and elbow enable easy (14)
Many practical pockets with ammunition pouches.

Hunting Trousers 759-B-L

Available in two lengths: 170 cm-182 cm i 182 cm-188 cm.
Glued seams.
Mesh lining. Side and back pockets with snap fastening. Bratex Hunting krzywe fonty
Lower part of trouser leg with a zipper.
Trousers with suspenders and detachable back.
Waistline regulation enables size adjustment.


Price: € 198

Graff Hunting Sets

HUNTING SET 659-B-OL/759-B-Odownload (4)

By creating our clothing we focus on our priorities: the highest quality at every stage of production process and the above-average functionality. Starting to work on a hunting set at the very beginning we reached to the customers’ experience. Together with magazine “BRA� �OWIECKA” we conducted a contest for the most interesting projects made by hunters and wildlife enthusiasts. In response, we received a lot of interesting propositions for the new garment. Many designs were worthy of attention but some of them have to wait for their turn and they will be implemented in our next season production. However, many designs included old tested solutions and ideas presented in a new way. The project which we realized is based on a few of the most interesting designs. The compilation of those ideas resulted in excellent and very comprehensive hunting set. Thank you for your contribution to our work – this set is co-created by YOU for YOU.

Hunting Jacket 659-B-OL.
Color: Olive.
Deep hood, adjustable in width and (14)
Strengthen for the rifle butt in the shoulders of the jacket.
Rubber anti-slip stopper for weapon strap on the shoulder.
The inner zipped pocket for documents.
Flexible inner pocket for cap or gloves.
Spacious exterior pockets with ammunition pouches.
External pockets with waterproof zippers.
Capacious back pocket.
Wide welts in cuffs.
Adjustable width of cuffs.
Strong two-way main zipper covered with a wide anti-wind strip.Bratex Hunting krzywe fonty

Hunting trousers 759-B-OL.
Color: Olive.
Available in two lengths: S-170/176
M-L-XL-XXL-XXXL in lengths 176 /182 and 182/188
Trousers with flexible removable suspenders
with detachable back.
Pockets with waterproof zippers.
Sewn in knife pocket.
Spacious pocket on the side of the leg.
Back zipped pocket.
Adjustable waist circumference.
Lower part of the trouser leg with a zipper.
Trousers reinforced with an extra layer of membrane
from the knees to the bottom.

Price: € 198

Hunting hatsdownload (5)


Description: waterproof and breathable available in two patterns

(codes 149-B code 149-B-L)

Price: €14.50

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Warm hunting trousers


Colour: O - Oliv
Code: 760-P

Price: €85.00

 GRAFF BIOACTIV DUO SKIN – thermo underweardownload (8)
DUO SKIN makes the underwear easily drain body moisture to escape outside. It also dries quickly without leaving an unpleasant smell of sweat. Our underwear line is bacteriostatic, soft and images (7)images (10)download (11)903_m901_new900_new
tightly fits the body.

 GRAFF offers a special line of thermo active underwear called GRAFF – BIOACTIV, which performs exceptional insulating features (it protects the skin from overheating as well as from overcooling). The fabric excellently allows body moisture to escape. Dries really quickly without leaving the unpleasant sweat smell. The  GRAFF  –  BIOACTIV  underwear  is  anti-bacterial,  anti-allergic,  soft,  resilient and tightly fits the body shape. The exceptional features of the thermo active underwear are due two applying in the production a special two-layer knitted fabric made of polyamide and micro – fibers coated with ions of silver. Unique structure  of  DUO  SKIN  used  for  production  of  the  underwear   equips  it   with exceptional features, which has already been confirmed by our customers and its now given to you to evaluate.

The secret of GRAFF – BIOACTIV underwear is the two –ply structure of the fabric. The inner layer is made of micro –fibers DUO SKINwhich undergo special treatment to get nice warm touch. The outer layer is made of polyamide  fibers. The  sweat  vapors  quickly  through  the  inner   DUO  SKIN layer and is absorbed by outer layer, which special moisture makes it go out. Thanks to such structure there is no unpleasant wet feeling and the body stays dry and warm.

Price: €30

 Graff -30 Hunting Jacket 653 -O -B.1427981278_sub zero wizkagraff_653-o-b_5_1
color : Olive,
Detachable hood.
Adjustable hood in circumference and depth. fastened protective flap on the hood for protectio against wind.
reflective elements hidden in the hood and sleeve Special external pockets with a snap fastening.
Additional pocket for ammunition pouches. chest pockets finished with fleece.
Additional external pocket with a waterproof zipp Two large, removable vertical pockets on the back Inner pocket for documents with a zipper. 1425038756_tkaniny_subyero
Elastic pockets for gloves inside of a jacket.
Protective flap of the main zipper finished with fle Lining in the lumbar part finished with warm fleec Extra strengthening of the shoulders and forearm with durable fabric. Poľovnícka-bunda-Graff-653-O-B
Anti-slip badge on shoulder strap for weapon.653_detal1
Wide ribbings.
Adjustable cuff circumference.

SUB ZERO®is a insulation layer used in winter clothing. Thanks to its structure, in which the microfibers create asymetrical cells,  SUB  ZERO  accumulates particles of warm air, while protecting penetration of cold inside the clothes. Developing at the same time, the woven warming fabric SUB ZERO we aimed to provide the maximum comfort for users, reducing the size and weight of clothing to a minimum.

Price: € 180

Customer Review #1

review-facebookThis is a review of a hunting suit called Graff being distributed by Ballistech which I decided to test to see how it will stand up to a hard days stalking. Please bear in mind i have no affiliation to the business or Don in anyway so this is an independent test.

The pants are made of a silent material almost suede like and have zip openings to facilitate wearing over wellingtons. The inner material is Bratex similar to Goretex and is rated to 10,000 H2O permeability.

Zip pockets on both sides and comes with braces which I found useful when crawling. Two way zip on pants which is also useful as the pants close with a zip, button clip and Velcro.

The jacket is also of same material and is loaded with nice features such as a built in lanyard with clip to hold keys, callers etc. Frost proof silicone buttons and each pocket has a rubber sealer after its zipped up to make it totally waterproof. Mid waist pockets too with thinsulate lining which will be useful for colde weather. Inner pockets for storing a phone and permits.

A nice feature too is a rubber grip on the shoulder which prevents the sling sliding off when stalking or dragging a beast and the built in game bag to the rear is a ice touch and again waterproof.

The cuffs are a thick woolen type material which are elastictated over which the main arm sleeve covers so fear of the elements going up the skin area.

Now how did it stand up to a days hunt?

I wore it for two wet mornings and a windy wet evening and I stayed bone dry even when crawling through wet rushes and sitting on stand in light drizzle. Its 100% silent and very comfortable to wear. As both pants and coat are breathable I never got damp underneath. The pants are a little on the light side so for colder months I would wear a thermal base layer underneath but still no issues with them .

GRAFF have a made a really good suit here and any stalker or general hunter will not be disappointed.

Customer Review #2

I bought a pair of the gaff trousers a couple of weeks back and wore them out for the 1st couple of days shooting . I have to say they are worth every penny , they where so comfortable and waterproof. I usually wore wax chaps which pulled the legs of me and can be a hard to get over obstacles fences etc I worn the trousers through grass fields , plantations and beet fields and came out as dry as I went in . But note to everyone put your boot up the trouser leg as the water passes down the leg and into your boot and you get wet feet. But a big thumbs up on these



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